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LOVE blank tribute cards

  • $15.00

There, in the snow on an empty city street lined with tall buildings, is a God’s Love van, on its way to deliver our life-sustaining meals. Black and white drawing with a bright red heart on the van. Drawing by Art Glazer for God's Love We Deliver.


blank tribute cards


For donors who prefer to write their holiday wishes themselves, we offer holiday tribute cards in the same designs as our personalized holiday tribute cards with space for you to add your name and good wishes.

For a minimum donation of $15 per card we mail you cards printed with a message conveying your donation, with room for your personal greetings. We include USPS first-class stamps and envelopes so you can address and mail your cards yourself. We ship the cards to you within three business days of receiving your order.

Most importantly, your donation provides much-needed support for people too sick to shop or cook for themselves. A donation of $150 for 10 cards delivers a week’s worth of healthy meals for both a young mother with breast cancer and her child.


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